First R2DT structures are live

This post originally appeared on the RNAcentral blog on June 10th 2019. At that time R2DT was called auto-traveler.

As of RNAcentral release 12, in addition to the secondary structures (2Ds) provided by Expert Databases, such as GtRNAdb, RNAcentral now also displays 2D visualisations for >3 million rRNA sequences using the auto-traveler software that automatically generates the diagrams in standard layouts (manuscript in preparation).

These familiar layouts enable comparison between structures and show the differences relative to the template. For example, in the following Thermus thermophilus small ribosomal subunit structure nucleotides in black are unchanged compared to the CRW template and the differences are shown in different colours:


At this time only SSU and 5S rRNA are supported (work on visualising other RNA types is underway). We would like to thank Dr David Hoksza for the help with the Traveler software and the Gutell lab for providing the rRNA templates. For more details, see the help centre or browse the sequences in RNAcentral.